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what ive been doing

2016-07-25 11:06:58 by DirtyScoundrel

Ive been working on a new website and a new comic 

you can read the comic here

But ive been trying not to post hentai art here. It gets too much attention  (not my art but porn in general) 
Ill try to just put tasteful stuff here 


but check out my comic if you have a few spare minutes, and ill try to upload more classy stuff! 

Theres just better places for it; however im not gonna stop altogether. 

When I get some flash done ( some day in the distrant future) ill post those here! 


2016-03-23 17:06:03 by DirtyScoundrel

Just thought id stay in touch 

Vacationing in Alaska for the summer
and a bit of status:

RPG Game: On hold 
Vinyl Comic: On hold 

Sketch Stream: I just tested this today, and it seems like I could do a stream periodically. 

My wacom pen (left it ;( )  is in the mail and should be here by friday, latest next week

new website

2016-02-09 20:17:42 by DirtyScoundrel

Made my newwebsite

only the first page is trolly

5 hot tips on how to become a cabbage 

New to ng

2015-09-22 05:36:47 by DirtyScoundrel

I made my account here a little less than a month ago; so far its enjoyable. The user base hasnt been to mean to me. yet. 


I forsee some eventuall flack/heat for the work I do, Prejudice and bigotry are never absent, esspecially on newgrounds ^_^ . To the few precious people that like my work thank you.


If you dislike the subject matter of my work; I suggest you just avoid looking at it and just move on. It costs you nothing pay me no mind. Im not above critque, and a thick skin from beign on the internet so im just as likely to brush off any brazen attempts to russle my jimmies. 


hope yall get laid